China OEM PWD Winch Drive Gearbox Replacement Brevini Riduttori PWD2100 PWD3150 PWD3200 PWD3300 PWD3500 PWD3700 with Good quality

Product overview of PWD Winch Drive Gearbox

They have 2 tightly mounted flanges, 1 connected to the winch frame and the other fixed to the cable drum. Therefore, the drive housing is installed as the main drum. A suitable mount or bracket must also secure the drum on the other side.
Ever-power provides a standard product for winch manufacturers with these devices, which can adapt to all drum sizes and lifting specifications. The machining and surface treatment of the transmission device and roller support must comply with the specifications given in this catalog.
All reducers are equipped with hydraulically operated multi-disc negative brakes.
The performance data given in this catalog refers to the FEM standard, especially the M5 level (t5-l2) with an output speed of 15 rpm.
This is the most common classification in the mobile crane and truck-mounted winch Market.
Ever-power is a leader in performance calculation and verification and uses powerful software (precalc) to verify whether gear units comply with other standards and any specific operating conditions.
Ever-power holds the type approval certificate of the PWD, SLW, and SMW product series issued by DET Norske Veritas so that it can be certified quickly.

Tech Data of PWD Winch Drive

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