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China Professional 15 Years OEM Experience 50: 1 Ratio Wheel Gearbox for Center CZPT Irrigation System manufacturer

Product Description

RainTek 50:1 Ratio Wheel Gearbox for Center CHINAMFG Irrigation System

This RTGB-M01 gearbox can be used for Zimmatic (Lindsay) and other brands center CHINAMFG irrigation system. RainTek sells more than 50,000 sets per year to America and Australia. The installation size is the same with original gearboxes provided by CHINAMFG manufacturers. As a purpose of changing old gearboxes, the most customer will choose this gearbox with a high-quality and competitive price.

We can also provide many different types gear motors and gearboxes. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Specification Table

Part No. Ratio Output Shaft Diameter Max. Torque Weight Shaft Lube
RTGB-M01 50:1 2.25" (57.15mm) 7909 N.m 50 kg Dual Included

Replacement of Zimmatic, Pierce, and other Brands Center CHINAMFG & Lateral Move Irrigation System.


1. 2.25" output shaft.

2. 50:1 gear ratio.

3. Dual input seals and triple lip output seal.

4. Input shaft guard.

5. Top oil fill plug.


Q1.  Do you offer samples?
A1:  Yes. You can buy 1pcs product as your first order to check the quality.

Q2.  Can you provide OEM or ODM service?
A2:  Yes. Based on years' experience manufacturing sprinklers and we have the designer team, we accept both OEM and OEM service.

Q3.  Tell me your company's strength, because I want to place an order with you?
A3:  RainTek's team has a long-time experience in the irrigation industry and we committed to providing high-quality irrigation products in the global market. We provide OEM service for some world famous brand and cooperate with some CHINAMFG manufacturers.

Q4.  Can I get any discount?
A4:  The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount according to the order quantity.

Q5.  Can I use this gearbox as the replacement of my old center CHINAMFG irrigation system?
A5:  Yes. Actually, it can be used for Zimmatic and many other brands CHINAMFG except Valley with the same gear ratio-50:1 and installation size.

Q6.  What kinds of center CHINAMFG components can you provide?
A6:  RainTek can provide drive-train parts(gear motor, gearbox, coupler...), sprinklers(I-Wob, D3000, R3000...), the spray gun(skipper, 101, 140...), electrical parts(collector ring, tower box, timer...), water distribution parts(gasket, boot hose, drain...), and other fittings.

Q7.  What's the delivery method and cost?
A7:  Both by air and by sea are ok. Freight cost depends on the commodity weight, volume, and your destination.


Application: Agricultural Machinery, Center Pivot Irrigation System
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Layout: Expansion
Gear Shape: Conical - Cylindrical Gear
Step: Double-Step
US$ 250/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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irrigation gearbox

Optimizing Performance with Gear Ratios in Irrigation Gearboxes

Gear ratios play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of irrigation gearboxes by allowing precise control over the speed and torque output of the gearbox. Here's how gear ratios contribute to performance:

  • Torque Multiplication: In irrigation systems, different tasks require varying levels of torque. By using gear ratios, the gearbox can multiply the torque from the input source, enabling the equipment to handle heavy loads such as moving large irrigation arms or distributing water through long pipes.
  • Speed Reduction: In some cases, the output speed of the gearbox needs to be reduced to match the requirements of the irrigation equipment. Gear ratios enable the gearbox to slow down the rotational speed while maintaining sufficient torque, ensuring precise and controlled movement.
  • Speed Increase: Conversely, gear ratios can also be used to increase the output speed of the gearbox, allowing faster movement of certain irrigation components like pivots or linear systems. This is particularly useful for covering larger areas efficiently.
  • Precision Control: Gear ratios offer fine-tuning capabilities for controlling the movement of irrigation equipment. The ability to select the appropriate gear ratio ensures that the equipment moves at the desired speed, making it easier to achieve uniform water distribution and coverage.

By carefully choosing the right gear ratio for the specific irrigation task, operators can optimize the performance of their irrigation gearboxes, enhance water distribution efficiency, and ultimately contribute to successful and sustainable agricultural practices.

irrigation gearbox

Adaptability of Irrigation Gearboxes for Small and Large-Scale Farming

Irrigation gearboxes are designed with adaptability in mind, making them suitable for both small and large-scale farming:

  • Modular Design: Many irrigation gearboxes have a modular design that allows for customization and scalability. Different gearbox sizes and configurations can be selected based on the scale of the farming operation.
  • Multiple Ratios: Irrigation gearboxes often come with a range of gear ratios. This allows farmers to choose the appropriate gear ratio for their specific application, whether it's a small-scale garden or a large agricultural field.
  • Compatibility: Manufacturers often provide a variety of mounting options and input/output configurations, making it easier to integrate irrigation gearboxes into different irrigation systems, regardless of scale.
  • Efficiency and Precision: Regardless of scale, irrigation gearboxes provide efficient water distribution and precise control. This benefits both small gardens and large fields, ensuring water is distributed accurately to the plants' needs.
  • Range of Applications: Irrigation gearboxes can be used for various irrigation methods, such as center pivot, linear, and drip irrigation. This versatility makes them suitable for different farming scales.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Manufacturers often offer a range of irrigation gearboxes with varying features and performance levels. Farmers can choose the gearbox that best meets their needs and budget.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Many irrigation gearboxes are designed for easy maintenance, which is beneficial regardless of the farming scale. Simple maintenance procedures contribute to the longevity and reliability of the gearboxes.

Overall, the adaptability of irrigation gearboxes makes them a versatile solution for both small and large-scale farming operations, ensuring efficient and controlled water distribution to optimize crop growth.

irrigation gearbox

Role of an Irrigation Gearbox in Pivot and Linear Irrigation

Irrigation gearboxes play a crucial role in both pivot and linear irrigation systems by facilitating the controlled movement of irrigation equipment and ensuring efficient water distribution:

Pivot Irrigation: In pivot irrigation systems, a central pivot point supports a rotating arm with sprinklers attached. Irrigation gearboxes are used to drive the pivot movement, allowing the arm to rotate around the pivot point. As the arm moves, the sprinklers distribute water over the field in a circular pattern. The irrigation gearbox controls the speed and direction of the pivot, ensuring uniform water coverage and preventing overwatering or underwatering in specific areas.

Linear Irrigation: Linear irrigation involves the movement of irrigation equipment along a straight line across the field. Irrigation gearboxes are used to drive the motion of the irrigation equipment, which can include sprinklers, drip lines, or other water distribution devices. The gearbox controls the speed and direction of the movement, ensuring that water is evenly distributed along the length of the field. This method is particularly useful for rectangular or elongated fields.

Both pivot and linear irrigation systems rely on irrigation gearboxes to regulate the movement of irrigation equipment, leading to efficient water distribution and optimized crop watering. The use of irrigation gearboxes enhances water management and contributes to the overall success of agricultural irrigation systems.

China Professional 15 Years OEM Experience 50: 1 Ratio Wheel Gearbox for Center CZPT Irrigation System   manufacturer China Professional 15 Years OEM Experience 50: 1 Ratio Wheel Gearbox for Center CZPT Irrigation System   manufacturer
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